Benicia High School chops off locks for good cause – Times Herald

By Katy St. Clair

It can be a special sacrifice for a teenager to part with their hair, but for 16 Benicia High School students, handing over their locks for a good cause was more important.

The high school kids gathered at the quad during Wednesday’s lunch hour to “Make The Cut,” a charity event that donates healthy hair to make wigs for cancer patients.

The event was coordinated by senior Clare Rodgers, who first organized it as a junior.

She is working in conjunction with the hair care company Pantene, which runs the larger hair-donation charity known as “Beautiful Lengths.”

Last year, seven students stepped up to have their hair lopped off, Rodgers said. This year the number has doubled, with 14 people signing up and two more donating hair from recent trips to the salon.

In order to contribute, students had to be willing to part with at least 8 inches of hair, but some students were willing to give up as many as 13 inches.


Source: Benicia High School chops off locks for good cause

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