DHS Athletics updates athletic policy process – The Reporter

By Michael Morris

School may have wrapped up last week, but the Dixon High School Athletic Department is already preparing for the fall.

On June 1, Dixon High officially opened up its brand new registration procedure for prospective student-athletes, offering a method that is almost entirely online.

After facilitating a familiar process that typically included stacks of forms, multiple meetings, and unnecessary questions at times, DHS Athletic Director and teacher Angela West spearheaded the effort to offer a more user-friendly approach.

Dixon High will also be hosting it’s lone mandatory meeting for fall sports on Aug. 3 at 6 p.m.. But unlike past years, the mandatory meeting will be broken up into small groups that are led by the coaches of the respective fall sports (cross country, football, water polo, girls golf, girls volleyball, cheer). “It allows the parents to log on and take care of it from home,” said Dixon High Athletics secretary Norma Holtmeyer. “We have probably had a half dozen parents sign their kids up and they said how it was very user friendly. I think in our world, nowadays anyway, a lot of things are online and it’s almost expected.”


Source: DHS Athletics updates athletic policy process

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