Bold explorers of robotics, biotechnology – The Reporter

By Richard Bammer

Sitting on a stool in a Will C. Wood High School science room Friday, Edwin Gomez Perez, 10, used a remote hand-held device to control several linkbots, small softball-sized plastic robots, their wheels and gears whirring quietly on the floor in front of him.

Nearby, standing at a table, Benjamin Rocha, 10, guided a linkbot across the table’s surface as a half-dozen people, classmates and a parent, looked on as the ’bot rolled a few inches in a straight line, then took a half-right turn.

Meanwhile, a few moments later in an adjacent science room and lab at the Marshall Road campus, Alex Vales, 11, spoke softly with his father, Anthony, who heard his son explain how bacteria thrive — at least in a sealed Petri dish.

Source: Bold explorers of robotics, biotechnology

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