A new day for English classes at Vaca High – The Reporter

By Richard Bammer

Staffed by a full complement of employees, the Vacaville High main office Wednesday seemed ready for the first day of the new academic year, today: Postcard-sized paw prints, a symbol of the school mascot, a bulldog, in school colors orange and black, decorated computer monitors; a Bulldog Nation bulletin board was affixed to one wall near the principal’s office; and athletic forms and schedules and yearbook order forms were available near the front counter for students. A few students came and left.

But, at first glance the school’s new, two-story English building, with work crews in white hard hats pouring concrete, painters adding finishing brushwork here and there, looked anything but ready for the hundreds of teenagers that will begin filing into its 15 brand-new classrooms.

Source: A new day for English classes at Vaca High

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