Benicia High Schoolers take Casey’s pledge – Benicia Herald

By George Johnston

It was a somber morning Thursday at Benicia High School. A group of students gathered during the school’s new Access period to hear the story of a young woman whose life was taken by a drunken driver and take the pledge not to drink and drive.

The assembly began with an introduction by students involved with Friday Night Live, an organization which promotes life choices for young adults. The program has been a part of Benicia High for the past two years.

“We think that it is important for you to be informed about staying safe on the road” Kirsten Lambinico, an FNL student student leader said. “For you, it’s probably a no duh that you shouldn’t drive while you are drunk, but it still happens and that’s why we are talking about this.”

Source: Benicia High Schoolers take Casey’s pledge

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