High school business continues ‘Odd Jobs’ through holidays – Benicia Herald

By George Johnston

The kids are all right. Well, at least the ones in Benicia. Last year, a group of high schoolers started a business where they do odd jobs for the community.We Do Odd Jobs was started by Benicia High School junior Chris Weldon and a group of his friends. This group was trying to figure out a way to pay for summer camp and came to the solution of creating a service where they would do odd jobs for the community like moving items and yard maintenance. Once they had the idea of what “We Do Odd Jobs” would do, they had to start advertising their new business, which they did on the Facebook group “Benicia Happenings.” From there, the We Do Odd Jobs started getting hired more frequently. Business continued to improve after the group received praise on the internet from their clients.

“We just want to give back to the people of our community.” Weldon said. “We do these services that weren’t being provided by anybody, and it was kind of clicked together and it was something Benicia was kind of missing.”

Source: High school business continues ‘Odd Jobs’ through holidays

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