With food allergies rising, Vallejo schools bolstered with mandated EpiPens

By Richard Bammer

Rayito Farris couldn’t imagine a childhood without peanut butter. Her daughter? Not as fortunate.

Farris discovered her daughter’s allergy to the legume when the girl was 15 months old — from a Ritz cracker that was only near peanut butter.

“She started puffing up, got hives, and was going through the stages,” Farris said.

Since then, Farris has had to keep epinephrine close by her daughter, now a 15 year old.

It’s that personal history that Farris leaned on while implementing the state-mandated EpiPen-in-every-school policy two years as the Vallejo City Unified School District’s coordinator for Full Service Community Schools.

Source: VAL-L-EpiPen-1217

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