Cooper kids put new writing skills to work in Valentine’s Day cards – Times Herald

By Richard Freedman

The capital letters were correct. And the exclamation point was in the right place.

Getting it all perfect isn’t always easy when you’re in kindergarten. Of course, when there’s Valentine’s Day cupcakes within sniffing distance, it’s a welcomed reward.

And the students in Monique Rountree’s class at Cooper Elementary School in Vallejo couldn’t help but be tickled red with Wednesday’s activities.

“I like giving out candy on Valentine’s Day and giving Valentine’s Day cards,” said Casanti Feaster.

And don’t forget those party cupcakes …

“They taste so good,” Feaster said grinning. “I also like to drink Capri Sun that me and my mommy brought from the store and a balloon.”

Valentine’s Day for classmate Aubree Davis “is about loving people and it’s about sharing with people. When people are feeling left out, you can play with them.”

Source: Cooper kids put writing skills to work

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