Group from Mexico builds mosaic for Vallejo school – Times Herald

By John Glidden

Vallejo Charter School students don’t need to travel far to learn about another culture.

They can just look in the quad.

Huddled under a tarp because of Thursday’s rainy weather, a group of artists from Zacatlan, Mexico diligently placed colorful tiles together — building a mosaic art piece which honors the city of Vallejo, the state of California and Zacatlan.

The mural depicts a grizzly bear surrounded by grape vines, and hills, while it cradles the physical shape of California. Next to the bear is a giant apple tree, which acknowledges Zacatlan’s history with the fruit.

“The whole idea is a cultural, artistic exchange,” said Glenn Lustig, teacher leader at the school. “(Students) are learning about who these folks are, how to build a mural, and how the mural in Zacatlan was built.”

Source: Group from Mexico builds mosaic for Vallejo school

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