Retired educator honored by Vacaville police brethren – The Reporter

By Kimberly K. Fu

Teachers are known to be funny, witty and adept at getting both students and their parents to do what needs to be done.

Add in the physical skills of a ninja and you’ve got Ginny Miller, a retired educator turned the Vacaville Police Department’s Volunteer of the Year.

Miller denies her ninja credentials but admits that she did teach Physical Education for more than 20 years in the Vacaville Unified School District.

Born in San Francisco, Miller said she was the first female driver’s education teacher in San Diego.

She moved to Vacaville in 1985 with her husband and he became a teacher.

“We taught together,” she remembered. She lost her husband 18 years ago but has wonderful memories of their shared history.

Source: Retired educator honored by Vacaville police brethren

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