Solano Middle School gets a shiny new makeover in Vallejo – Times Herald

By Katy St. Clair

It’s not often that a middle school is buzzing with activity on a Saturday — usually there’s only tumbleweeds. But on Saturday there were more than 100 people at Solano Middle School in Vallejo to give it what can only be called the “community HGTV” treatment.

Rebuilding Together Solano pulled together a bunch of sponsors and helping hands to completely revamp the campus, from stem to stern. Crews cleared out old brush and pruned hedges, planted water-tolerant gardens, and power-washed the outside and squeegeed windows.

Detailed cleaning of doors, chairs, and just about every other surface was also undertaken. The gymnasium was an anthill of volunteers scrubbing away at the risers. Others were on their hands and knees in the courtyard, yanking those last few weeds.

Source:  Solano Middle School gets shiny new makeover

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