Elite Charter School denied, by Vallejo school board – Times Herald

By Rachel Raskin-Zrihen

Ramona Bishop’s dream of opening a charter school in the area has been dashed.


The Vallejo school board shared a rare moment of unity Wednesday night, voting 5-0 to reject Bishop’s ELITE Charter School petition.

Wednesday’s denial is the second such repudiation for the former Vallejo City Unified School District Superintendent in 2018. It comes nearly seven months after the Solano County Board of Education dismissed Bishop’s earlier plan to open a countywide charter school network.

Wednesday’s rejection at the district’s Board of Trustees meeting prompted a quick exodus of interested onlookers.

The board room was filled by many audience members wearing purple “Elite Parent by Choice” T-shirts in support of Bishop’s proposed charter school. When that petition was ultimately turned down, the room immediately drained of people, laughing and talking loudly, preventing the meeting from going forward for several minutes.

Source: Elite Charter School denied, many thousands in outside contracts, approved by Vallejo school board

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