School board to vote on resolution removing obsolete books – Benicia Herald

By Nick Sestanovich

On Monday, students throughout Benicia will be returning to school, but nearly 2,000 outdated books in Benicia High School’s library will not be joining them. Over the summer, Benicia Unified School District officials and student volunteers weeded certain books out of Benicia High’s collection, and the school board will be voting to declare these books as well as library furniture to be obsolete when it reconvenes from its summer break on Thursday.

According to the school board agenda, BHS has 14,314 books in its collection. The district went through a process to remove approximately 1,930 items which were either in poor condition, had information that was no longer relevant or were available online through Benicia High’s current database. The books will be donated to either the Benicia Public Library or Benicia High art classes for future projects. Student volunteers assisted with the process for three days, and a Benicia Public Library representative provided consultation.

Source: School board to vote on resolution removing obsolete books

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