What’s new at Benicia Unified schools in 2018-19 – Benicia Herald

By Nick Sestanovich

Benicia High will see a variety of new educators this year, including math teacher Ken Knight, medical careers teacher Anouk Dorrance, digital media teacher Larry Kurnarsky, visual arts teacher Katelynn Burmark, world language teacher Jose Martinez Mejia, special education teacher Charli O’Malley, and college & career counselor Gina Marwick. New courses include medical science and terminology, advanced welding and fabrication, advanced construction technology, alternative energy: wind, water and solar; and scientific research.

Joining Brianna Kleinschmidt in her third full year as principal and fellow vice principals Kathrine Cole and Sean Thompson is new VP Yadira Zapata. Zapata was a Spanish teacher at Alhambra High School in Martinez where she served on the WASC Leadership Team and received an administrative credential from California State University East Bay.

Source: Benicia Heads Back to Class: What’s new, what to expect at Benicia Unified schools in 2018-19

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