Eggstraordinary students in Vacaville – The Reporter

By Joel Rosenbaum

The task for Friday for the students in the Gifted and Talented Education or GATE program at Alamo Elementary School was to create a capsule that will keep a raw egg from breaking after it has been dropped from the height of about 12 feet.

Starting with a 2-liter plastic bottle and working with items like popcorn, rice, cotton balls, marshmallows, and even mustard and mayonnaise, the students set forth to design the safest container to keep their egg from going splat.

Other guidelines for their capsules included the egg having to be 25 percent visible, no bubble wrap, Styrofoam or any material that is specifically designed and used for sending packages, including cardboard and egg carton materials.

Source: Eggstraordinary students in Vacaville – The Reporter

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