Loma Vista Farm’s GoFundMe reaches $20,000 – Times-Herald

By Richard Freedman

It was one extremely bad February night at Loma Vista Farm that fueled one extraordinary period of financial support.

Following the Feb. 8 attack by two dogs that killed three alpacas and injured other animals at the north Vallejo animal sanctuary, a public awash in nostalgia either visiting the farm as a child or bringing their own children to the facility has come through admirably.

Suddenly, Loma Vista Farm is a cash cow — for now. A March 25 sold-out pasta feed raised 50 percent more than the previous year’s event. This past Monday’s variety show at the Empress Theatre brought in $6,000 more. And a GoFundMe online campaign reached the $20,000 goal on the nose with $775 coming from four donors on Tuesday.

Source: Loma Vista Farm’s GoFundMe reaches $20,000 – Times-Herald

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