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letter to the Editor/Nestor Aliga

On Aug. 19, CC and Amber Sabathia again shared their valuable time, talents, and treasures with our beloved community. This year, it was with very appreciative students at Joseph Wardlaw Elementary School. Similar to previous years, they will distribute about 3,000 backpacks throughout the school district.

On Aug. 7, the Vallejo City Unified School District unanimously adopted the “CC and Amber Sabathia Day on Aug. 19” resolution, which reads:

• Whereas, Carsten Charles Sabathia, Jr. was born in July 1980 in Vallejo, California, and graduated from Vallejo High School in 1998 where he excelled in baseball, basketball, and football; and as one of highest-paid Major League Baseball pitchers, CC has been a Cy Young Award winner, a six-time All Star, and a World Series Champion, as well as a generous philanthropist in Vallejo; and

Source: Thank you, CC and Amber Sabathia – Times Herald

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