Staying Connected in the Era of Coronavirus – Attendance Works

The closure of schools due to the coronavirus pandemic has created an uncertain future in many ways. Although most students are not in a school building, we believe it is still essential for educators to keep up relationships with students and families who may be experiencing stress related to covid-19. Principals and other administrators can play a key role in organizing and leading this outreach.

Research shows that caring support can buffer the negative effects of adversity and stress students and families might experience. As our September 2019 brief, Using Chronic Absence Data to Improve Conditions for Learning explains, a sense of belonging and connection is an important factor of academic engagement.

To maintain relationships, schools can stay in touch with families using their regular methods, whether it be making phone calls home, sending text messages or emails, or posting letters on school websites. Many parents and students use social media, so consider posting information to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Make the connection positive and let individuals know that you care about them even if you aren’t meeting in person.

Source: Staying Connected in the Era of Coronavirus – Attendance Works

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