Solano extends shelter-at-home order – The Reporter

By Kimberly K. Fu

For the second time in the past month Solano Public Health officials have extended the county’s shelter-at-home order — this time through May 17.

The impetus, apparently, is the significant number of active COVID-19 cases and related deaths in and around Solano County.

“The significant number of confirmed actives cases currently in Solano County, and confirmed cases and deaths in surrounding counties including those in the greater Bay Area, the Sacramento County region, and in San Joaquin County are evidence that this public health emergency has not substantially improved since the issuance of the March 30, 2020 Solano County Public Health Order,” reads the current directive. “These data are evidence that the suggested 14-day sustained reduction in new active cases and a sustained reduction in hospitalizations has not yet been achieved locally.”

Source: Coronavirus: Solano extends shelter-at-home order – The Reporter

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