Tools for Teachers – Year 2020 (CA Dept of Education)

State Superintendent Tony Thurmond today announced the availability of Tools for Teachers External link opens in new window or tab. from the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. This easy-to-use website features lessons and strategies to support instruction, save teachers time in developing quality lessons, and help prepare students for college or career success.

“No one is working harder than our teachers right now. They are learning new technologies, engaging in educator trainings, and putting in the work to reach our students,” Thurmond said. “The more tools we can provide our teachers, the better. I am pleased the California Department of Education can fund access to this resource for all local educational agencies with no cost to the teachers themselves.”

The Tools for Teachers website focuses on the formative assessment process External link opens in new window or tab., which helps teachers identify where students are in their learning, where they are heading, and how they will reach their learning goals. All of the website’s resources include recommended teaching strategies that support diverse learners and can be modified by teachers to meet instructional needs during in-person or distance learning.

Source: Tools for Teachers – Year 2020 (CA Dept of Education)

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