John Knight Middle School students  get glimpse at new campus – The Reporter

By Nick Sestanovich

Usually, students receiving their novels during the spring semester is nothing more ceremonial than a teacher passing out copies in class. For students at John Knight Middle School in Dixon, it was an opportunity to set foot on campus after a long period of distance learning.

And it was not just any campus they set foot on but one that had not been occupied by students since before most of the current Knight student body had been born.

On Wednesday, the school hosted a spring novel pickup, where students could come by to obtain novels, textbooks and supplies for the next semester. It marked the first student event at 455 East A St. since the relocation of Dixon High School in 2007. The newly rebranded John Knight Middle School, previously known as CA Jacobs Middle School, was scheduled to open at the old high school campus in the fall of 2020, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and a delay in the final stages of renovation pushed Knight’s opening back to January.

Source: John Knight Middle School students pick up books, get glimpse at new campus – The Reporter

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