Solano County parents create classroom in their garage – ABC7 San Francisco

By Wayne Freedman

Broken eggs and rotting yokes on a suburban sidewalk. Your house might also become a target if you put up a sign urging California schools to reopen.

“You can hide in the dark to do it, but your point will never be made because we don’t know what you have to say,” said Jimmy Ferrucci about the people who pelted his yard last weekend.

Jimmy and his wife Sarah made their statement months ago. You’ve heard of one room school houses? How about the two-car garage school house where the Ferrucci family, their kids and friends attend class together.

“We are advocating for our children. Standing up. Saying we want an option,” said Sarah.

Source: COVID-19 in California: Solano County parents frustrated with distance learning create classroom in their garage – ABC7 San Francisco

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