Communications specialist and former reporter runs for VUSD board – The Vacaville Reporter

By Zachary Cimaglio

With new companies and career opportunities popping up in Vacaville, the city has become a melting pot of youth seeking jobs and long-term success.

To nurture this success, many students may need guidance from someone who understands their personal needs, a role which Jacqui Nguyen, a communications specialist and former television reporter, hopes to fill if elected to the Vacaville Unified School District school board.

Nguyen immigrated to the United States from Saigon, Vietnam in 1975 seeking educational and career opportunities for her and her siblings in the aftermath of the Vietnam War. She was part of the first wave of people migrating on boats from the war-torn nation in search of sanctuary and success.

Source: Communications specialist and former reporter runs for Vacaville Unified school board – The Vacaville Reporter

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