Vallejo Times-Herald: VUSD ‘Gap’ event participants thanked

Bob Russell,

Principal, Solano Middle School

In response to the “Closing the gap” article, (Feb. 2) featuring efforts to close the student achievement gap at our school, I want to thank the event’s participants and planners:

Dr. Ramona Bishop for both presenting a stirring achievement gap message, and then remaining for a full two hours to conclude the event with us; Assistant Superintendent Mel Jordan for his presentation, along with Vice Principal Fetters, regarding, “De-Escalation Techniques”; Christal Watts, president of the Vallejo City Unified School District teachers union, for her presentation of the achievement gap from the perspective of district teachers; Mark Deweerdt, staff consultant for Vallejo, California Teacher’s Association for his presentation encouraging unity between the district, sites and the community as we work togehter to close the gap.

via ‘Gap’ event participants thanked.

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