Educated Guess: LAO: No need to cut schools $5.5 billion

By John Fensterwald – Educated Guess

The Legislative Analyst’s Office is suggesting an alternative to the massive cut to K-12 schools and community colleges that Gov. Jerry Brown is proposing if his tax initiative fails in November. Instead of a real spending cut of $2.8 billion or $415 per K-12 student, districts and community colleges would be cut $1 billion or only $162 per K-12 student, under the LAO  plan.

The LAO detailed its alternative in an analysis of Brown’s May budget revision, which the nonpartisan, independent agency released on Friday (see pages 21-22 in the pdf version). The difference is the size of  Proposition 98 spending obligation that is calculated for this year and next year, separate from the tax increase.

via LAO: No need to cut schools $5.5 billion – by John Fensterwald – Educated Guess.

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