KGO-TV: Vallejo school anti-bullying forum gets heated

On Thursday night in Vallejo there was a heated discussion about bullying and it comes after the release of a video we showed you earlier this week of a young girl being beaten furiously at her school. Parents at Ben Franklin Middle School want more actions be to taken.

The district presented some of its anti-bullying measures, but many parents say they don’t far enough.

Jessica Romero says her son was the victim of a recent bullying incident. She said, “This little kindergartener came over and started choking him, and threw him around like a rag doll.”

The Vallejo City Unified School District acknowledges that bullying is a problem, which is why it held a forum for parents about what they can do to minimize problems at school. The event, however, got off to a tense start.

via Vallejo school anti-bullying forum gets heated.

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