Dixon Patch: DUSD: No Sign of The Promgate 35 at Dance Committee Meetings

When news that 35 students were not allowed to enter their junior prom back in late April, the town came alive with talk of The 35, a bottle of vitamin water, Principal John Barsotti, interim Superintendent Brian Dolan and calls for the school to make it up some way to the students.


Now that school’s been out for almost three weeks, and a lot of people are on vacations, working summer jobs, or just trying to move on with their lives in anticipation for the next year at Dixon High, talk of The 35 had died down.


That is, until the Vacaville Reporter published this story about a member of The 35 suing Principal Barsotti and the school district. Once again the students became the talk of the town, both out in the open world and online as well.


But for the Dixon Unified School District, the gravity of the events of Promgate had not been lost. The district formed a dance contract committee and invited members of The 35 to help shape the contract and talk about ways to avoid another Promgate-like event.

via DUSD: No Sign of The 35 at Dance Committee Meetings.

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