The Educated Guess: Finding the Yellow Brick Road to the Common Core

Merrill Vargo

The new vision represented by the Common Core State Standards is becoming clearer, and it is exciting and rich. But as school district leaders get clearer on the destination, the path can still be uncertain.  Like Dorothy, who knew she was headed toward Oz, local education leaders are beginning to ask, “Which way do we go?” It’s a good question, and state leaders need to remind themselves of some hard facts before they reel off an answer. Here are three:

  1. Giving people a clearer and clearer picture of Oz will not necessarily point the way to the Yellow Brick Road.
  2. There is more than one road, and the right road for one district will not be the right road for another.
  3. Just as Dorothy needed some traveling companions, districts will also.

Let me say a bit more about each of these.

via Finding the Yellow Brick Road to the Common Core – by Merrill Vargo.

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