The Reporter Opinion: Yes on Prop. 38: Time to fix California schools

By Paul Boghosian

The author, a Vallejo resident, is president of the California State PTA 18th District, which includes Solano County, is chairman of district presidents.

Before billions were cut from California’s education budget, schools in my district were always staffed with a nurse to aid sick children, a librarian to help foster ideas and a counselor to point students in the right direction. Now, all of these positions have vanished and our children are paying the price.

Since 2008, political leaders have voted over and over to cut education funding by more than $20 billion. We’ve lost more than 40,000 educators and staffers, and California now has the largest class sizes of any state in the nation. Statistics like these are simply unacceptable for a state whose economy ranks within the top 10 largest in the world.

via Yes on Prop. 38: Time to fix California schools.

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