The Reporter: Accountability report, funding top Vacaville Unified School District agenda

By Richard Bammer/

A school accountability report, using Measure V money to spend $700,000 for information technology upgrades, and an update on the state of Country High are on the agenda when Vacaville Unified leaders meet tonight.

Jay Speck, Solano County superintendent of schools, and Lisette Estrella-Henderson, associate superintendent of student programs and educational services for the Solano County Office of Education, will deliver the annual accountability report.

School districts each year must detail any needed maintenance and ensure “good repair” of school facilities; document the number of teacher “misassignments,” that is, when a teacher is placed in a job without proper certification for the job; note vacant teacher positions; and ensure that students, including English language learners, have the right textbooks and other instructional materials to take home to finish their homework.

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