Stretching One Great Teacher Across Many Classrooms : NPR

By Blake Farmer

A stack of research suggests that all the classroom technology in the world cant compare to the power of a great teacher. And, since we havent yet figured out how to clone our best teachers, a few schools around the country are trying something like it: Stretching them across multiple classrooms.

“Well probably never fill up every single classroom with one of those teachers,” says Bryan Hassel, founder of Charlotte-based education consulting firm Public Impact. But, he says, its important to ask: “How can we change the way schools work so that the great teachers we do have can reach more of the students, maybe even all of them?”

Public Impact is working with schools in Tennessee, North Carolina and New York to build what it calls an “opportunity culture” for teachers. Its part of a broader turnaround strategy at schools like Bailey Middle Prep in Nashville.

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