First 5 Solano seeks ‘Business Champions’ for summer pre-kindergarten program – The Reporter

First 5 Solano has launched its “Pre-K Business Champions” campaign, seeking local businesses to help support Solano Pre-Kindergarten Academies. Now in its third year, First 5 Solano has partnered with the business community to support Solano’s children. First 5 will match every business contribution up to the maximum $5,000.

This year, there are four ways that businesses can support children participating in Pre-K Academies:

• $200 sends one child to a Pre-K Academy

• $500 provides an entire classroom with backpacks and supplies

• $2,500 funds half of a classroom

• $5,000 funds an entire classroom

“As a business owner, I believe we can’t afford to not help our children get the best education possible,” said Buck Kamphausen, owner of Fairfield Funeral Home in a press release about the program. “The Pre-K academies target children who have not yet experienced the school environment, daycare or any other early learning program.”

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