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By Travis Bristal Ph.D.

There is a revolution taking place in the United States. What started in Ferguson, Missouri has marched on to other cities and, as Pedro Noguera notes, “widespread poverty, chronic interpersonal violence, and a nonfunctioning economy where work is scarce” are the root causes. Even while we, as a country, have barely begun to address the troubling meaning behind the incidents of violence between law enforcement and U.S. citizens of color in Ferguson, still more shockwaves of such violence ripple across America, notably including the more recent events in Baltimore.

High-Cognitive-Demand Thinking and Critical Consciousness

We believe that the classroom is an important arena to address these events. Not only are most students aware of and concerned about them — especially those who live with the same realities — but addressing this trend gives our society one more tool to further change, and helps Americas children learn ways to be engaged and responsible citizens.

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