5 Characteristics of an Effective School Team | Edutopia

By Elena Aguilar

I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a good team in a school context. I’ll share some of these thoughts, but I really want to hear your ideas on this subject.

I’m going to admit that its taken me a while to feel convinced by the power of teams. Until recently, I didnt have great experiences in teams. I felt that alone I could produce whatever needed to be created better, and quicker, than working with others. I often felt frustrated working in teams — the process felt so slow and cumbersome. I felt like I was usually given (or took) the bulk of the work. I didnt really know what an effective team looked like, how one worked together, or what the benefits could be.

In the last few years, however, my experience in a couple different teams shifted these beliefs. Now, Im compelled to figure out how to create and develop good teams — and to identify the specific moves that a coach or facilitator makes in this process. I want to figure out how to grow powerful teams that can transform schools.

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