Benicia Youth Academy teaches police tactics, life lessons – Times Herald

By Dianne de Guzman

The seventh and eighth graders at the Benicia Police Department’s Youth Academy weren’t exactly solving the crime of the century, but they were certainly taking their task very seriously.

Students were told to solve the mystery of who bit into a chocolate bar, based on “dental records” — teeth impressions made from biting into two pieces of styrofoam plates — and what they could decipher from the bite marks.

Sgt. Kenny Hart showed students what to look for when viewing evidence, during a lesson on crime scene investigations. “The victim was bit twice and they were bit harder on the right side,” Hart said to the group, pointing to an area on the plates with a police flashlight. “(Police) can tell how many times a person was bit.”

via Benicia Youth Academy teaches police tactics, life lessons.

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