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By Jason Teitelman

ISTE 2015 News

Technology experts from around the world presented the New Media Consortium Horizon Report’s K-12 2015 Edition at ISTE 2015. The report tells us where EdTech could be in five years and says that blended learning has emerged as a leading trend in education.

Also at ISTE, some big companies made some big announcements. EdSurge provides a list of the all the company news you need to know from ISTE.

In The Mix: Recent Posts Worth Reading

Shelly Terrell knows that “some of the most popular apps and social networks (Periscope, Meerkat, Vine, Instagram, Youtube, etc.) make it easy for anyone to quickly produce, publish, and share their videos.” She also realizes a lot of students are already making videos on their own. So, she asks, “why not have your students share their knowledge through video projects?”

via Leading Education Trends.

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