The Common Core Debate: One Teacher Vs. The Experts | Edutopia

By José Vilson

For years, Ive been saying that the Common Core State Standards needed true teacher voice in order to succeed. Millions, however wittingly, have taken on the challenge, reading denser passages in English and complicating their math problems. Whenever we talk about the standards, we rarely hear about whats actually happening in classrooms beside what I view as outliers: the intense schools with kids crying their eyes out during a test, homework assignments that many of the math teachers I speak with would rebuke, and mass movements of opting out across larger states.

And Im a teacher whose professional duty is teaching to the Common Core, and have done so to fidelity (more on this later) for the last five years. In that vein, Ive decided to jot down some notes comparing the original claims I heard those five fateful years ago to what Ive actually experienced since then.

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