McCree-Goudeau running for Vallejo school board seat – Times Herald

By John Glidden

Noting her extensive experience in education and business, Jeanette McCree-Goudeau announced this week that she will be seeking election to the Vallejo school board in November.

“As an elected school board trustee, I will work ethically and professionally with all members,” McCree-Goudeau said in a campaign news release. “And when it comes to accountability, I will not make critical decisions without knowing all of the facts surrounding all issues.”

McCree-Goudeau is the widow of famous Vallejo artist Cleven ”Goodie” Goudeau, who passed away in 2015. While in New York City, McCree-Goudeau served as business manager for a set of private college preparatory schools, and as student register for a theological seminary, according to her campaign.

Source: McCree-Goudeau running for Vallejo school board seat

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