Pokemon Go… and Global Success Skills? | Edutopia

By John McCarthy

Not since Minecraft has there been an entertainment program that captures the imagination of so many people. Pokémon Go is addictive for blending imagination from the Pokémon game world into the real environments of our communities.

My son and I found our first Pokémon — Pikachu — in the parking lot of a major chain store. My daughter and I combed a local park to collect and categorize new Pokémon into our Pokédex. Many people eyed their phones and tablets in the park, as they too sought the diverse creatures that hung out near the library, ponds, playgrounds, and firehouse. Children with their older siblings or parents searched feverishly for any Pokémon, making use of the Lures set up by players to raise the spawn rate of Pokémon appearances in specific locations. One group of five players thought they “saw” a Gastly around the bend of a pond, and excitedly ran to the spot with whoops of joy. Most of them were adults.

Source: Pokemon Go… and Global Success Skills? | Edutopia

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