Saved by the bells, handbells, that is – The Reporter

By Richard Bammer

Saved by the bells. Handbells, to be exact.

“I thought my brain was gone,” said Brooke Bosler, 32, a trained opera singer who grew up in Vacaville, recalling a grand mal seizure last year. “I couldn’t drive for three months. I’m glad I had the bells to focus my brain. With bells, I’m always using my musical skills.”

Bosler, who earned a master’s degree in music performance, noted she could not drive for three months afterward, but, by picking up and playing handbells, as she did at Will C. Wood High School as a teenager, she gradually regained her musical ability and confidence, enough so to at least continue singing arts songs at occasional recitals and concerts, as she will Thursday night in a Napa church.

Source: Saved by the bells, handbells, that is

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