At Sierra Vista, Ernest Kimme Service Day – The Reporter

By Richard Bammer

Is it ever too early to learn the value and benefits of community service, of doing for others without the thought of reward?

Not at Sierra Vista, where eager students on Monday presented brief summaries of their service-learning projects to the wife of the late Ernest Kimme, a longtime Vacaville educator, civic leader, Reporter columnist and philanthropist. He died Aug. 12, 2015, of complications from radiation treatment for cancer.

From midmorning to early afternoon, Kimme’s wife, Margi Stern, entered classrooms at the Bel Air Drive campus to provide background information about her husband on a special day, Ernest Kimme Service Day, an overcast day that would have been his 62nd birthday, and at a place that also houses the Ernest Kimme Charter Academy for Independent Learners, named in his honor.

Source: At Sierra Vista, Ernest Kimme Service Day

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