New BHS club opens up discussion on gender issues – Benicia Herald

Revision by Benicia Herald 3/20/17:

The quote from Caitlyn Clark was misquoted; the phrase “a movement of small people” should have read “a small movement of people.”

By Nick Sestanovich

At Benicia High School, education does not always stop when the lunch bell rings. Over the years, BHS has been host to a number of clubs where students can discuss topics such as the environment, Christianity, LGBTQ rights and providing assistance to the military to fellow club members and educate the student body at large.

New this year is Benicia High’s Gender Equality Club, which meets Wednesdays at lunch in social science teacher Sadie O’Neill’s room to talk about issues facing gender today, whether female or male, trans or cis and so on.

Club President Caitlyn Clark, a junior, said the idea for the club came toward the end of the previous year as female students were expressing concerns over the school’s dress code.“There was a movement of small people who were trying to change the way that the dress code targets girls in particular in a way that’s really over sexualizing and makes girls feel uncomfortable or guilty for wearing clothes that make themselves feel good,” she said.

Source: New BHS club opens up discussion on gender issues

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