More resources needed to help Solano youth thrive – The Reporter

By Kimberly K. Fu

Solano’s youth are improving, though more can be done to ensure they thrive.

Such was the sentiment Tuesday during a joint meeting of the Solano County Board of Supervisors and First 5 Solano.

During the hours-long event, officials talked about children, the milestones that put them on the path to success, available resources and gaps and, most important, what happens next.

“We are clearly supporting children in all aspects,” emphasized Supervisor Erin Hannigan at the start of the gathering.

Officials hammered home the need to help youths reach set milestones throughout their lives.

From ensuring bonding between parents and children to reducing kids’ stress to help their brains grow to motivating them academically, physically and socially through graduation, experts said all the stops should be pulled out in the interest of developing healthy youth.

Source: More resources needed to help Solano youth thrive

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