Chalk it up for unity: Local students “plant”, 1,000 flowers – The Reporter

Hundreds of students from Vacaville filled downtown and the surrounding streets of Vacaville with a plethora of colorful flowers throughout Saturday morning. Wielding inspiration brought on by a video titled “1,000 Flowers” — which features Vacaville High School Principal Ron Thomas — students at Will C. Wood High School paid homage to the heartwarming video by uniting with 12 other schools in town. But chalk art wasn’t the lone way students of all ages got to showcase their artistic prowess and empathetic spirit. While over 100 students from Vacaville and Wood began the community project at 9 a.m. Saturday at Wood, Willis Jepson joined in by creating flowers made from tissue with students at Cooper Elementary shaping origami flowers.

Source:  Chalk it up for unity

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