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By RHSEU Boosters Communication Officer

There are three outstanding high school marching bands in the Fairfield Suisun Unified School District led by three outstanding directors. Scott Miller leads the Rodriguez High School Entertainment Unit, Louise Jacob leads the Armijo Super Band, and Brian Swetland leads the Fairfield High Scarlet Brigade. All three directors work steadfastly to provide the “ultimate experience in musicianship, teamwork, and leadership.” (– Fairfield HS, Scarlet Brigade website). Even though I only speak for the REU, I know we recognize the important force these three adults play in our children’s lives. Today we would like to give thanks to these marvelous teachers who help guide and inspire the students in our community, even before they get to high school.

Thank you, band directors, for instilling a sense of responsibility, pride, honor, work ethics, high standards, and moral fiber in the young citizens of our community. We think with such great training they have a better chance to go into the world as successful contributors to our society! Keep up the good work.

Source: Good News: A Spectacular Trio

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