Wednesday’s Vallejo school district meeting to deal with issues – Times-Herald

By Rachel Raskin-Zrihen

Vallejo City Unified School District board members are expected to decide on a new Chief Business Officer, one less school cop and several campus improvement projects going out to bid, according to Wednesday’s meeting agenda.

District staff is asking the board to approve Adrian Vargas as the new CBO, to replace Hitesh Haria, who accepted a position in another district. Vargas previously served in this position, and “presents us with a seamless transition as we establish a search process to fill the position permanently,” staff said in the agenda. Vargas will be paid $175,000 in 12 approximately equal monthly installments.

Aimed at saving $112,500, board members will also be asked to approve a Third Amendment to the School Resource Officer (SRO) Memorandum of Understanding, reducing the number of SROs from three to two. There was one SRO approved in 2014; that increased to two the following year, and to three in 2017.

Source: Wednesday’s Vallejo school district meeting to deal with new money man, fewer campus cops, other issues – Times-Herald

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