Imagine That! is doing school – The Reporter

By Matt Sieger

Vacaville’s Imagine That! in Alamo Plaza was created to offer a place where kids of all ages can come play, learn and explore all the possibilities. But what happens to a creative program when a pandemic strikes?

Well, the creative people in charge imagined a way to adapt to the crisis.

Imagine That! came up with a unique School Support and Enrichment program which fuses its existing program with support for students’ schooling.

“It started with a throwaway line,” recalls Director of Operations Alex Christensen. “We were talking about doing afterschool programs, and (someone said), ‘Hey, instead of after school what if we just did school for them?’ The director at the time, her ears perked up and she took it to the board. Lauren (Runow, Board president) jumped on it and started talking with the Vacaville Unified (School District).”

Source: Imagine That! is doing school – The Reporter

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