National Nutrition Month—March 2022 – Nutrition (CA Dept of Education)

The California Department of Education Nutrition Services Division commends schools across the state for providing excellent service and continuous access to school meals and snacks. Since the beginning of this pandemic, school food service professionals, school leaders, and staff have been on the frontlines providing nutritious meals that support not only students, but families and communities as well. We continue to feel immense gratitude and admiration for your dedication and resilience.

March is National Nutrition Month® (NNM®). This month is an outstanding time to celebrate and recognize both the importance of nutritious foods and the role that food service staff play in supporting student health, learning, and school meals (on or off-campus).

This year’s theme is Celebrate a World of Flavors. Understanding the multiplicity of cultures and celebrating flavors from around the world helps us to recognize and appreciate our diversity. The theme encourages us to be curious, enjoy our differences, and expand our palettes. In our school communities, we bring together many different backgrounds, cultural food habits, and taste preferences. During the month of March, I encourage you to Celebrate a World of Flavors, as well as the students, families and staff that enrich our collective experiences by sharing their food cultures with us.

Source: National Nutrition Month—March 2022 – Nutrition (CA Dept of Education)

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