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As students and teachers head back to the classroom, they are turning to GoFundMe to seek financial assistance for all their back-to-school needs. Rising inflation is taking a toll on household budgets across the country, making help from the community more important than ever.

Vacaville teacher Ashley Kelly started a GoFundMe effort seeking community support as she heads into her eighth year of teaching and fifth year at Will C. Wood.

“All of my class markers, crayons, pencils, rulers are all dried out, missing, broken, and oddly chewed on,” she writes on the fundraising page. “I’m looking to stock my classroom up with new classroom supplies including the above along with glue sticks, scissors, etc., maybe even a paper cutter which would be so helpful.”

Source: August 18 Vallejo/Vacaville Arts and Entertainment Source: Faces and Places – The Vacaville Reporter

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