City Lauds Malone (DUSD), Approves Liens – Dixon Independent Voice

By Debra Dingman

The last City Council meeting was a packed agenda with the 4th of July annual report, information on the lights and landscape expenses, and the approval of new limited parking signs at the Pardi Plaza.

In between those topics were reviews of citizens who have not paid their sewer and/or their garbage bills and the collection process to collect or place liens.

The meeting kicked off with an official commendation of Police Officer Jason Malone by Chief Robert Thompson. Malone has served the past four years as the School Resource Officer at Dixon High School. He has just completed the “inaugural first 4-year assignment,” as Thompson put it, for a pilot program initiated by the Dixon Unified School District and the City for an officer on campus. “He has excelled in that role,” Thompson added recalling the first summer when Malone returned to regular duty, the phone would ring incessantly because of the relationships he had established with the students.

Source: City Lauds Malone, Approves Liens

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